Zerobody is an innovative and patented system to regenerate body and mind. Developed based on the broad scientific research on the benefits of floatation in water, Zerobody is an effective and versatile solution for Dry Float Therapy: the body floats over 400 liters of warm water, without the need to get undressed or wet.

The Dry Float Therapy takes advantage of the benefits of floatation to allow body and mind to regain energy in an easy and versatile way that suits everyone. Zerobody, a one-of-a-kind system offering the benefits of reduced gravity, is a technological innovation in the service of regenerative well-being that produces a positive impact on stress, muscle and joint pain, sleep, focus, psycho-physical recovery.

Jennifer L. Aune Counseling, PLLC provides solution focused private individual, family, couples, adolescent, and group therapy, as well as Zerobody Dry Flotation Regeneration.

Though we cover a variety of conditions and issues, our specialties include self-esteem, self-worth, trauma, codependency, mood disorders, NPD, and unconscious programming (or what we like to call the blueprint of life).

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– Zerobody Dry Floatation –

Zerobody Dry Floatation

The Zerobody Dry Floatation device (or simply Zerobody Dry Float) is the latest meditative technology that allows for the benefits of floating at zero gravity and resets your mind to a relaxed state. It can greatly help in the healing process and to reprogram your brain. It can be used as an added therapeutic tool to help accelerate patients treatment goals before, during or after therapy services OR simply used for the the physical benefits. The water is heated to skin temperature.

Unlike other floatation therapies, you remain fully clothed and dry throughout treatment. During the treatment, your mind will block out external stimuli while your body and mind is busy regenerating. Imagine deep meditation without the years of practice it takes to be disciplined enough to do so. The endorphins your body produces during treatment lead to a sense of euphoria. Also maybe add the benefits of meditation for improved clarity of thoughts, problem solving, and benefits for athletic performance, a lot of pro athlete teams have one.

Alongside mindfulness audio guides and other content developed in part by neuroscientists, patients have a customizable experience addressing their needs or if one wants complete silence, we provide a dark soundproof room with ear plugs.

Mental Health Packages

If you are looking for mindfulness and specific targeted treatment for psychological needs such as trauma recovery, PTSD, and more, call our office prior to making an appointment. We will create a package for you that fits your unique needs.

Physical Rejuvenation Packages

Whether you struggle with chronic pain or just need a unique relaxation experience, our physical rejuvenation packages can provide you with maximum relief.

We have introductory rates starting at $100.
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Zerobody Amplified Regeneration
Zerobody Amplified Regeneration